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$10 Free + $500 Deposit Match

Welcome bonus

$10 Free + $500 Deposit Match

Humble Beginnings 

Unibet began in the early 1990s, in a student dorm in Karlstad, Sweden. Anders Ström was studying mathematics, statistics, and economics, using computer modeling to earn more money from horse racing. This became a newsletter, Travtjänsten (“Trotting Service”), and was later extended with Sporttjänsten (“Sports Service”). Anders eventually sold the company in 1997 for $325,000, which was the foundation for Unibet as it is today.

We’re players ourselves

The original goal of Unibet was for Anders to share his expertise with other players to help them make more informed bets. And today we’re still players, all with Anders’ passion for sharing knowledge.

We also know sometimes the win can slip away. Buzzer beaters, 2-out, 2-strike grand slams, the dealer sitting on 16 and drawing a 5 – we all lose sometimes, so bet responsibly, and set limits for yourself. At Unibet we’re all about quality Intel and making the right move, and that includes knowing your bet limits, to protect yourself.

Unibet Today - Friendly, Passionate, Expert

Today, Unibet is mobile first, so you can get a game in or have some fun in the casino no matter where you are. We have got a commitment to

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